Addie & Ben: Estes Park Mountain Wedding Photography

My husband and I pulled into the beautiful property of Della Terra Mountain Chateau to begin our day photographing Addie & Ben.  We round the corner and I see Addie’s sister, Amy (and matron of honor) putting the final touches on her makeup as they’re surrounded by evergreens and aspens.  We then head over to grab Ben and take him outside to open some of the most meaningful gifts I have seen a bride give to his groom.  She had been writing letters to her future husband starting years ago.  And now she had someone to finally give them to.

Next came the First Look, which was absolutely beautiful.  The smile on Ben’s face showed the world he was ready to marry this woman.  The ceremony was placed in a small amphitheater surrounded by beauty on every side.  We even had a little chipmunk make his appearance (can you find it among a shot of the groomsmen below?).  Then these two said I Do just as the sun peeked through the trees and covered them in sunlight.

The day was a fairytale and I am so happy that I got to capture these two and all the little details in between.  Congratulations Addie & Ben!

JamieBethPhotography_0001 JamieBethPhotography_0002 JamieBethPhotography_0003 JamieBethPhotography_0012 JamieBethPhotography_0007 JamieBethPhotography_0008 JamieBethPhotography_0014 JamieBethPhotography_0015 JamieBethPhotography_0016 JamieBethPhotography_0017 JamieBethPhotography_0018 JamieBethPhotography_0009 JamieBethPhotography_0010 JamieBethPhotography_0011 JamieBethPhotography_0006 JamieBethPhotography_0019 JamieBethPhotography_0020 JamieBethPhotography_0021 JamieBethPhotography_0022 JamieBethPhotography_0023 JamieBethPhotography_0024 JamieBethPhotography_0025 JamieBethPhotography_0026 JamieBethPhotography_0028 JamieBethPhotography_0027 JamieBethPhotography_0029 JamieBethPhotography_0030 JamieBethPhotography_0031 JamieBethPhotography_0032 JamieBethPhotography_0033 JamieBethPhotography_0035 JamieBethPhotography_0036JamieBethPhotography_0037

JamieBethPhotography_0072 JamieBethPhotography_0046 JamieBethPhotography_0045 JamieBethPhotography_0047 JamieBethPhotography_0048 JamieBethPhotography_0039 JamieBethPhotography_0038 JamieBethPhotography_0040 JamieBethPhotography_0041 JamieBethPhotography_0043 JamieBethPhotography_0044 JamieBethPhotography_0042 JamieBethPhotography_0050 JamieBethPhotography_0051 JamieBethPhotography_0052 JamieBethPhotography_0054 JamieBethPhotography_0053 JamieBethPhotography_0056 JamieBethPhotography_0055 JamieBethPhotography_0057 JamieBethPhotography_0059 JamieBethPhotography_0060 JamieBethPhotography_0058 JamieBethPhotography_0061 JamieBethPhotography_0063 JamieBethPhotography_0062 JamieBethPhotography_0066 JamieBethPhotography_0064 JamieBethPhotography_0065 JamieBethPhotography_0068 JamieBethPhotography_0067 JamieBethPhotography_0070 JamieBethPhotography_0073JamieBethPhotography_0074 JamieBethPhotography_0075 JamieBethPhotography_0076 JamieBethPhotography_0077 JamieBethPhotography_0078 JamieBethPhotography_0079 JamieBethPhotography_0080

Vendor Details:
Gorgeous mountain venue: Della Terra Mountain Chateau
Intricate lace wedding gown: David’s Bridal
Bride’s kickin’ cowgirl boots: Ariat
Jewelry: The grooms grandmother’s ring given to her in 1953 and pearl bracelet from Thailand gifted from friend
Guys suits: H & M
Beautiful bouquets: Sturtz and Copeland
Catering: Jubilations (they had breakfast for dinner!)
DJ: Quality Mobile Sounds

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